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Feeder Matrix 01

The first thing that I would like to do is to wish you and your family a very
Happy and Healthy New Year and Hope everything is going well for you.

Now Listen to this, I have to pick 4 people to give away $1.75 to.
I would like you to be one of the 4.

The deal is…you must turn around and give $1.75 to 4 people yourself.

HOWEVER…as soon as you do they are going to pay it right back
to you in your PayPal account giving you a total of $7.00.

You will then take $5.00 of that $7.00 and use it to purchase a $5.00 product.

getting paid back and then upgrading OUT OF PROFIT.

As this process continues lo and behold in 60 days that $1.75 I gave you will turn into;


 I know it sounds preposterous, but when you
have a minute, listen to the following call:

712-432-1085 /pin: 426859#.

After listening to the call, check out the site below it explains everything in detail.

The Race to Level 8!

Any questions or comments, call me anytime, 24/7/365.

Blessings, and we’ll talk later.

Tim Carney

Land Line: 618-452-2060 CST
Cell Phone: 618-709-2627 CST

May GOD bless you with his infinite abundance of financial riches!

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