Some Proactive and Preventative Measures You Can Take to Protect Your G-mail and Google Accounts From Being Hacked!

On May 10, 2011,  to my surprise and despair, a hacker got control of my G-mail/Google account and because my Gmail/Google account was linked to my Face Book account, this hacker had control of it as well. What an ordeal I am going through right now trying to straighten out this big mess! Why do hackers do what they do?

Since I no longer have control over my own email account and can’t verify ownership, I am changing all of my passwords and changing all of my contact email addresses in all my accounts and so on and so on. Things are definitely NOT in my control right now. Someone has successfully managed to change the password of my Gmail/Google account and now I can’t log in to retrieve my business account and other important emails. I have yet to gain control of my account. However, it really is my own fault. I neglected to put in place some very simple and basic security measures before I first opened my G-mail/Google account.  Read the rest of this entry