Claude M BristolBorn 1891, died 1951. Claude M. Bristol served as a soldier in WWI in France and Germany. He worked on the army newspaper, Stars and Stripes until 1919. During World War I  there was a period where he couldn’t afford to buy small items such as cigarettes. He made up his mind when he got back to America he would have plenty of money and never have to live like this again.

After the war he got a job working for a newspaper as a journalist reporting on the police and church activities for a large newspaper. There was a period of his life where he doodled dollar signs on pieces of paper and laid them all over his desk, he created a mental picture of wealth in his mind and held that their constantly.

His best known book is The Magic of Believing, published in 1948, which has sold well over a million copies, and is widely regarded as a prosperity classic. The Magic of Believing was Read the rest of this entry