A round TUIT


What the heck is  “A Round Tuit?”

1. A non-existent object one supposedly gets when sent on a fool’s errand.

2. An imaginary object whose name is derived by word play from the phrase “when I get around to it”.

3. When used as a badge or a physical display of some sort, the capitalized letters “TUIT” or “ROUND TUIT” are printed on a round button or piece of paper . This may be used to show that the person actually has got “a round tuit”. Giving one of these objects to a person implies that they are a procrastinator.

Etymology: This is a play on words, from the idiom to get around to it. The origin of the physical round tuit is unknown. There were some appearances in the late 20th century, cut from brass and engraved with the letters “TUIT”. The earliest known maker is John Erikogden in 1983.

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