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Samuel Brannan

Sam Brannan was a merchant in San Francisco who lived during the Gold Rush Days, he sold shovels. Everyone in the city was desperately trying to find gold…

Well, one day Sam, being the savvy entrepreneur that he was, came up with a devilish idea that would make him one of the most ingenious, if not the richest man in the west.

What he did was this. He went out and purchased all the shovels he could find in San Francisco! When he returned on his little shopping spree, he was the proud owner of every single shovel in the city!

Soon after, he grabbed a handful of gold dust, ran through the streets and like a maniac yelled at the top of his lungs…”There’s gold in the American River! Look, see for yourself, I have some!

Well, you talk about mass hysteria, everyone ran out to buy shovels, but guess who had all the shovels? Yes, you know! Sam had all the shovels, made a killing and became the first millionaire in San Francisco! Sam Brannan saw a golden opportunity and quickly took advantage of it when he could.

So, what is the lesson of this story…

The “big” secret of MLM millionaires is, “Don’t Dig For MLM Gold, Sell Picks and Shovels to the MLM Gold Miners!” It was the people who “sold the picks, shovels and tools” to the gold miners that made all the money in the California Gold Rush, not the ones “digging” for gold.

The lesson here is simple and easy to understand. It’s much easier to get rich selling the tools to the miners than it is to get rich digging for the gold. The same is true with marketing on the internet. Most people involved with an income opportunity are spending all their time digging for gold in whatever gold mine of opportunity they choose, and most of them are failing.

It goes without saying that roughly 97% of all network marketers fail to make money and most people are failing in MLM because they are trying to get someone to join their particular opportunity instead of selling something that all the gold mines need. Very few people make a full-time living in MLM, and less than 1% of all MLM distributors strike it rich.

Those were the same statistics for those who dug for gold in California – about 1% of the gold miners actually found enough to get rich. Very few gold miners found enough gold to make a living and about 95% of the gold miners failed to find any gold at all.

Let’s talk about today. The people getting rich in the online “Gold Rush” are the people selling the “tools” and that is exactly why you should be selling some generic “tool” that “everyone” in the entire home-based business industry worldwide can use to build “any” kind of income opportunity they want to promote.

And one more thing, the MONEY is “NOT” in your list or how many “LEADS” you get. The MONEY is in the “SALES” you get from using a PROVEN SYSTEM!

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